Where I come from…

I was born and raised in Regina; I have a younger brother, a younger sister, and two very supportive parents. My family leads a very active lifestyle. Throughout my childhood I participated in many organized activities including dance, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and piano, as well as leisure activities like snow-skiing, hiking, running and skating. Into my adolescence, the dance studio became my second home; I was there nearly every day rehearsing for competitions and exams in several styles of dance. Through my time spent dancing, I learned the importance of commitment, time management, perseverance, and many other skills that have helped me in numerous areas of my life.

Throughout my schooling, I have made many connections in the community through volunteering and work. Most prominent of these experiences being my position as senior science instructor and science camp coordinator at Summer Sports School, a day camp where I planned out daily science activities for the campers.  Through planning and implementing engaging activities, this experience mimicked part of what I will be doing in my own classroom. I have also instructed dance to young children through my dance studio, and I choreographed a dance group at my high school for a yearly performance put on by the students. Both of these experiences use skills required in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.

My life story leads me here.. in my final semester in my education degree with the excitement (plus a bucket of nerves) of not knowing exactly what my life will look like come May of this year. Through my internship experience I was able to become even more certain that I have absolutely picked the correct career for me. I have never invested so much time nor felt so passionately about anything in my life. I love teaching. Everything about it. I cannot wait for the joys, hardships, uncertainties, and learning experiences my teaching career will bring me.


One thought on “Where I come from…

  1. Hi Taylor,
    Nice to see your space and to learn a little more about you here.
    Loved your video selection of LOVE, so simple but so powerful!
    Looking forward to working with you soon,

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