Virtual Mentorship: Interview

I had the opportunity to interview my mentoring teacher, Carolyn Durley. I was able to ask her about her experiences integrating technology into her classroom, along with her other notable experiences inside and outside the classroom.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Mentorship: Interview

  1. Great interview! It definitely helps to hear insights from a teacher who is actually using new technology and progressive teaching methods in high school science. Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing your experience. As a novice teacher, I especially appreciate what you shared about the first semester of trying to implement a flipped classroom. I’ve started to really think of the few skills that I would like to work with my students (i.e. working in a group, self assessing, metacognition, etc.). Please, keep this video up, Taylor. I’ll need to watch it again in about a month.

    • Yes, so great to hear from someone experienced like Carolyn! Now you probably understand why I kept referencing her during my presentation on Thurs. But don’t worry I have no plans of taking it down!

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