Tech Task #8: Mobile 2 *update*

As mentioned when I first completed part 2 of Tech Task #8, I planned to create a QR code to use in a presentation for one of my classes. What I ended up doing was creating a QR code that would link to a Haiku Deck presentation I created to guide groups through different activities.

QR code example:

Dissolved Oxygen QR

Scan it and it leads you here:

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.38.01 PM

I was excited about the potential of this tool in the classroom. It would enable me to let students work on individual topics without actually having to go to each group and explain their task. When I was presenting it, I simply gave each group a QR code with no indication of what it would be used for and they were able to use the instructions to complete the activity. **If I was using this with a classroom (not my peers) I would include more instruction.


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