Tech Task #8: Mobile 1

For this tech task, we were to create a blog post from our phones.
Last Thursday in our Ed science post-internship class we had a Biology teacher join us from one of the high schools in Regina. Although the main reason for him coming to speak to us was to discuss the new science curriculum (which is super exciting), I find myself thinking more about one point he brought up about assessment. He suggested that there (possibly) won’t be structured units in the section of the curriculum that he is writing and this may act as a gateway to getting us to think of different ways of setting up our grade books.
Rather than having something like this:
•20% final
•40% projects
•20% tests
•20% daily assignments
We would have a grade book that puts a different weighting on each of the outcomes so we are directly assessing each outcome and stating student understanding of each outcome:
-Science 10 example-
•10% explore motion related technologies
•15% investigate human impact on ecosystems
Now, for science 10 there are currently 20 outcomes that would need to be individually assessed which seems a bit overwhelming. This can be changed by grouping like outcomes together and creating meaningful projects for these. I personally like the challenge that this would bring, as it would force me to think in depth about the connections I can make.
I think that setting up our grade books in this way challenges us to meaningfully assess our students’ understanding and it allows us to reflect back on specific areas of strength and weakness both in our teaching and in our students.
Furthermore, assessment with more of a focus on outcomes gives us more of an opportunity to use various assessment strategies that don’t have to “fit” into a predefined category.
I look forward to the challenge of setting up my gradebook in this new way.


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