Virtual Mentorship

An update on how things are going with the classroom I’m working with from Kelowna:

  • They have finished their infographics
  • Most have posted them to their blogs for me to see
  • We’re still working on ways I can comment on their blogs (Weebly student blogs… :s)

Responses from the assignment:

  • Students liked the opportunity to build an Infographic and share facts in a more interactive way (than a paper).
  • It took students longer to build and share their Infographics than expected (as reported by the classroom teacher).
    • This was based on slow computers
    • Disagreeing with the proposed tool for building their Infographic
    • Not knowing how to embed their projects
  • Students liked that they got to choose their own topic.
  • Students said they would like to create an Infographic again (likely that the second time would go much smoother).


  • Here are some examples of student work:

4 thoughts on “Virtual Mentorship

  1. Those are great examples. I’ve not delved into infographics much but see them as a great way to logically represent data in a more visually appealing and potentially more meaningful way. What understanding of infographics did you have before this class?

    • I had seen them before and personally found them easier to read than an article summarizing the same information (I need visuals to get interested typically). Before this class I hadn’t looked into programs used for building Infographics but was able to find a couple that worked for the students.

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