Standardized Testing in Saskatchewan

Standardizing Sask. Assessment

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We knew this was coming… still, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

How will this benefit our students or our teaching? Good teaching practice is (or should) already based on an overall assessment of our students, rather than a snapshot as provided by standardized tests (as mentioned in the article). Are we not trusting teachers (as professionals) to be able to do their jobs? I’m interested to see the format of these tests.. multiple choice or are they testing for higher learning? How will one test assess all skills our students have without discouraging them? Are these tests just turning our students into data and statistics? They are individuals! How will the standardized tests accommodate for that?


3 thoughts on “Standardized Testing in Saskatchewan

  1. I like your comment about how standardized tests can’t accomodate learning differences. It’s a one-size fits all approach that completely disregards the work that teachers do to differentiate instruction.

  2. Differentiated instruction just begs for differentiated assessment…not standardized assessment. I really hope they don’t start posting the results by schools in the paper or online. The ranking of schools through an inherently biased assessment can only do harm to the perception of education in Saskatchewan. Education is just not that simple…otherwise everyone would agree on what’s important to learn and we could have robots doing the teaching and assessing.
    Although co-teaching with a robot does sound pretty fun…I guess we already kind of do that with the Internet. But I digress…

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