The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice

 “The classroom of the future will not teach our kids how to memorize, it’s going to teach them how to think creatively, critically and playfully.”

YES! What a fantastic summary of what I have been thinking education should look like. This video summarizes education that takes place in the form of “design projects”. Much like passion projects, project based learning, authentic opportunities… etc.

The following is part of my educational philosophy: “By encouraging my students to take more ownership for what and how they learn at school, they will develop leadership, responsibility, work ethic, time management skills, and many other essentials skills that will help them find success throughout their lives. This can be implemented through passion-based learning opportunities that stimulate authentic tasks carried out by professionals in various fields. In these instances, students must be given space to make mistakes and build understanding on their own. Critical thinking skills will be nurtured through tasks in my classroom that push students to their limits. My goal is to have students be comfortable facing new tasks and being able to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to navigate.”

Essentially these design projects help students to find meaning in their education and in the process they are developing key skills necessary for their success in whatever they choose to do.


5 thoughts on “The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice

  1. Nice post, Taylor! I especially liked the CSFD (crappy school furniture disorder) part. I would love to have my students design better desks, or pick out better chairs! Perhaps I could take part in a research project dealing with the impact furniture has on student performance in the classroom. Is there anyone out there who needs an idea for a master’s thesis?

    • I think that Jennifer Tupper, associate dean of our faculty (not sure her title), did something similar to this. I think her work was mostly on the spaces in the school, not sure if he research extended to the furniture.

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