Tech Task #3: Connecting

Educational Blogs

Below you will find links for the 4 new educational blogs I have started following. I am interested in educators who are finding ways to push education to be about student experiences and how they can develop life long skills, so I chose blogs based on this. Each of the following really caught my attention as they contained blog posts that either inspired me or made me say huh…

Dangerously Irrelevant

Dare to Care

Roots of Action

What Ed Said


I have started following these people on twitter:






@hbarlaam – science specific

All of them (except the last link) tweet on the topic of general education and what we should be doing to make our classrooms better. From integration of new technologies to conferences we should be looking to for inspiration, all of the above will provide various resources for teaching in every classroom. I followed them in the hopes of being kept up to date of what is out there and with what fellow educators are talking about.

Web Based Learning Event

I chose to go through and watch a webinar (archive) on communication, collaboration and reflection in the classroom. Specifically this webinar (link below) focused on student produced artifacts for learning and the creation of a digital portfolio to share and reflect on student learning. Furthermore, there was discussion of the value of students having the ability to collaborate with others and find meaning in their learning through sharing their digital portfolios. Overall, this webinar helped me to see how to implement sharing of student work (something that Dean mentioned during the first live session) in a classroom.

I found it very helpful to be learning from individuals who have more experience with technology in the classroom. It was much better than just reading an article on the subject (admittedly I get bored easily…).

Creating a Curriculum Based on Communication, Collaboration, & Reflection


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