Creating an Inviting Classroom Environment for All

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette

I came across this site (click the link above) which likely has the main goal of informing individuals who are visiting other countries what is and is not acceptable where they plan to travel. I see it as an educational tool that I can use to inform myself about different customs around the world. Specifically I like the two sections I have highlighted with a yellow box: gestures / do’s & dont’s.


Knowing the different ways of greeting individuals can help me to refrain from being offensive to my students when I would have no intention to do so. Specifically I have my EAL students in mind. For example in Nigeria (as seen above), it states that a thumbs up is considered rude. So instead of it coming off as a sign of encouragement to a student, they may be offended by my actions.

Helpful things like this create a more inviting classroom environment for all students!


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